Here are a few testimonials but a great many more can be found on Safety Turtles web site click on the link below.

  • "Just purchased a Safety Turtle for my two year old Granddaughter, Elaina Love. Really like your product….we will all feel better having her around the pool as long as she has her turtle on. Thanks!", Jenny Cano, General Manager,
  • "Big Super Huge Thank You! The Turtle saved my little girl!" Dennis, Jonesboro, AR, 07 May 2012
  • "I have used the Safety Turtle on a houseboat for 10 years and highly recommend it. As the note states it is not a substitute for proper supervision; however it does offer additional peace of mind", Dana Point, CA
  • "The Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is one product many houseboaters have come to depend on for their younger children", HOUSEBOAT MAGAZINE



  • "The parents were all very impressed with the system and felt very reassured. The only downside was that one very relaxed Dutch family then felt they didn't have to look out for their 18 month old boy at all .... so we had to point out to them that this was very much a sort of final protection thing ..... as opposed to meaning that they could be somewhere else entirely! Apart from that, it was superb and we were really pleased to have it. What sort of photos would you like, I'm sure we can take a few for you!" - Sally O'Hare, Le Camp, Varen, France,



"I wanted to pass along this news story for you and your staff concerning the Turtle. It has been slightly just over a year since we installed the Turtle in all of our branches. Yesterday the Turtle was involved in a pool emergency at our Downtown YMCA location and really improved the response time for the victim. It allowed our guard to be a first responder in a lone guard situation and give him the ability to give 100% of his attention to the victim and have the comfort that help was on the way. It helped us save a life yesterday. Thanks for all of your support along the way with getting the Turtle installed properly in our YMCAs!", Linda Butkus, Vice President Operations/COO, YMCA of Greater Omaha

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